Gender-based audiences – differences?

I’ve been involved in a couple of very interesting debates recently about the differences between men and women. One is in a closed group on Facebook so I can’t point you towards it, but the other is Suze’s stuff that I respond to here. A very dear (female) friend mentioned to my wife recently that […]

Presentation Skills 4: Congruence for Credibility

The last article in this series (the third, this being the fourth) talked about back-story and credibility. This time I’d like to talk about your own credibility as a presenter. Without it, you’re sunk. Without credibility you’re just a person standing at the front of the room. With it, you’re a story-teller, a presenter, a […]

Presentations 3: building your back-story

I mentioned last time that it was important to make a personal, emotional communication with your audience if you want to make them think and behave differently. I more or less took it for granted that this is what presentations are trying to achieve – as this is what they’re good at. They’re not so […]

Rant Mode On!

The problem with amateurs is that they are either crap at something or good at something. If they’re crap at it, they either know they are (and presumably stop doing it) or think they’re good and presumably carry on inflicting it on the rest of us until someone of the saintly honestly of Simon Cowell […]

What do you do on a train journey?

Well, obviously, if you’ve got children you entertain them. And if they’re troublesome children you spend much of the journey hoping it’ll soon be over and that the other people in the carriage don’t mind toooooo much….. I’m thinking more here about what you do on a business journey. I’ve got three hours to Birmingham […]

Bullet-points and Butterflies

There’s a very popular movement at the moment to try and reduce the use of bullet-points in presentations, preferably to zero. Except for the “preferably to zero” bit, I’m right up there in the vanguard, pointing out in my training sessions that bullet-points don’t work, generally. Of course there are exceptions but I’ll bet that […]

Breathing, lieing and being a grown up

Everyone breathes, right? If you don’t do it for long enough, interesting things happen; eventually your brain takes over and you can’t stop yourself. The thing is, not everyone breathes in the right way. Just like (pretty much) everyone can kick a football doesn’t make them Ronaldenio, breathing doesn’t make you a decent speaker. Speaking […]