When George Bush Jnr. Cancelled My Breakfast . . .

Imagine this scene. You’re in your bedroom. Your eyes slowly open. Looking out you focus and attempt to take in your surroundings. Ah it’s O.K. you’re where you expected to be. The tip of your tongue scans the place where your bottom row of teeth meets your gums. Further back, between your tongue and the […]

A Dream Snatched

This week we saw two brothers fight it out to become the next leader of the Labour party, David & Ed Miliband. If the reports in the news are to be believed, David’s dream, ever since he entered politics, was to be the leader of the Labour party. Image via Wikipedia When Labour was in […]

Is applying for Executive Jobs like a political election campaign? #ge2010

There is a heated political fight going on in the UK at present, as each of the four main political parties (yes, four – I do live in Wales….) fight it out to represent us in the mother of all parliaments for the next five years. I presently conclude that it will be a hung […]