Photography and Awareness

Last year, (2014), Michael Eldridge, Colin Tracy and I exhibited a series of photographs at the Marmaris Municipal Gallery and Art House. The combination of our work seemed to be well received, and gratifying words were written in the press. Our Exhibition was titled ‘Awareness’. My photographs initially evolved from an earlier expression shared with Michael, […]

For Grown Up Photographers Only

Photography has come a long way since Nicéphore Niépce made the first photogravure etching in 1822 and thus created an industry. When I last visited his birthplace and museum in Chalon-sur-Saône nearly forty years ago it was possible to take a sheet of sensitised paper from a drawer, and develop it into a replica of that […]

Still At War With The Obvious?

Richard Marley, the legal owner, until 1987, of the of the Black Bear Commune, Siskiyou County, California that was founded in 1968, said before he died that ‘Life is like launching a boat into a smooth lake and sailing it to the centre, where it sinks.” He also said that had he known he was […]

Shock of the New

Introducing new technologies to a market (and thereby creating a new sub-market) adds additional complexities to the skill and practice of Product Management, especially if the new technologies are regarded as “disruptive”. I watched again a YouTube video of the original iPod launch, it was very understated and it would have been difficult from that […]