Painless Dentistry: ‘A Shamanic Journey’

My legs were bleeding when I returned from the stables today. I’m working with a vibrant Swedish riding instructor who is determined to bring me up to standard in the shortest possible time. She constantly shouts: “Steve use the legs, more legs, more, come on Steve more legs, legs, legs, and then the whip”. For […]

Still At War With The Obvious?

Richard Marley, the legal owner, until 1987, of the of the Black Bear Commune, Siskiyou County, California that was founded in 1968, said before he died that ‘Life is like launching a boat into a smooth lake and sailing it to the centre, where it sinks.” He also said that had he known he was […]

Are you the one?

Blonde hair brown eyes blonde hair blue eyes blonde hair green eyes blonde hair grey eyes – unusual – brown hair brown eyes brown hair blue eyes brown hair green eyes brown hair grey eyes brunette zappette nymphette black hair short hair auburn and long. Ginger hair, Ginger Rogers. Elegant. Sophisticated. Creative. Sporty tomboy. Petite. […]