How To Pass The Citizenship Test, [Part 2].

You must pass the “Life in the United Kingdom Test” to get your British citizenship, or to stay in Britain as a permanent resident. WARNING: NOTING WRITTEN HEREIN SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS A RECOMMENDATION ON HOW TO OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP IN TURKEY, OR ANY OTHER NATION. In this earlier blog, I reported how I finally obtained […]

A bag of confusion: Wales goes green?

So, in a defiant show of independence and practising its new powers, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has shown its strength by making its first key piece of legislation. Was it a tax? No Was it a piece of human right legislation? No Was it far-reaching environmental foresight? Probably not Plus, the major piece of […]

When George Bush Jnr. Cancelled My Breakfast . . .

Imagine this scene. You’re in your bedroom. Your eyes slowly open. Looking out you focus and attempt to take in your surroundings. Ah it’s O.K. you’re where you expected to be. The tip of your tongue scans the place where your bottom row of teeth meets your gums. Further back, between your tongue and the […]

Are we ready for the pain?

How is everyone getting on with this new government, have we worked out what they are called yet? They have been given so many different names over the first few weeks of their new term. One thing is for sure it does not matter what the name is, the pain they have to inflict on […]

Afganistan : Life from 15 ft up

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Recently, on some 2-man trips I have been fortunate to spend some hours with young men in the 22-25yo age group, an age group that I rarely, if ever, spend any time with. Banbury, where I operate from, does not present this unskilled age group with too many working […]