How to win at golf, without even playing

Congratulations. You are a winner! I think it’s safe to say, we all love the idea of winning something for little or no input. We buy tickets for the school raffle, we might have a punt on the office sweepstake for the Grand National or the World Cup. Some of us must be buying Lottery […]

In the beginning, we had white golf gloves!

What is it with white golf gloves? Why can I only buy a white glove, or a black one if I want to wear an all weather glove with the same level of comfort and feel as those hand-knitted mittens you wore in the school playground when it threatened to snow? I discovered the answer […]

How I became a golf blogger or How to turn rejection into money

Let’s start with a bit of time travel. About 2 years ago my fledgling digital marketing agency was eagerly chasing every opportunity that moved. As a consequence we found ourselves bidding for three similar projects at the same time, for different companies in different parts of Europe. We lost all three bids. When I followed […]