Tablet Computer Frenzy. (My love of the iPad Continues Undimmed)

Now if you have been following my ramblings here you may have noticed that i have an iPad and I also have an unhealthy love affair with my beautiful little tablet computer that is surely unnatural.

Today i was looking around Media Markt in Valencia, and yes Markt is spelt like that it is not a mistake, and for the first time I noticed a profusion of tablet computers so I thought I would have a look.

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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There, next to the three working all singing, all dancing switched on display iPads were around 10 totally inert tablet PC’s, ie they were not even turned on (And therefore they in turn were not turning anyone on)

The first in the queue was the Samsung Galaxy. 7 inches of total pointlessness with a reduced price to go meaning that it was still as expensive as the top of the range iPad.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not an Apple love-in but the question I propose is simple, why on Earth is a screen that is only slightly bigger than your phone any good? It may have apps on the Android store, it may be lightning quick on the net, although I am told it is not a patch on the speed of iOS 4.3 for Mac, but why would you want it?

If the issue is getting it into a pocket then simply buy an iPad and a coat with bigger pockets!

Then the contenders went from left to right in descending price until we got to the ebook readers on the right for around 100 Euros. Forgive me for saying this but save your money. They are just not a patch on the iPad experience. Black and white and boring. Limited to one thing you can do. OK if you are just a reader of books but reading an actual book must be much more enjoyable still.

Now the Apple haters still tell me that the iPad is overpriced, overhyped and overdone in so many ways but it has become an essential part of my workflow. Last week I had preloaded all of the properties that might interest a client for a visit and during the meeting I took out the iPad and showed them the pages. They haven’t bought a house yet but they did buy an iPad.


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    • Depends on what you want to do with it Jeremy. It works brilliantly in my Workflow but I adapted my workflow to it. The MacAir looks absolutely awesome and has the ten hour battery life supposedly so that is a real win. And when I pull it out it gets gasps of amazement (And yes I am talking about my iPad still)

      • iMac for the desktop – iPad for meetings and travelling – iPhone for the pocket.

        And if any windows heads tell me I’ve paid too much for some “vanity” IT they’d be right.

        But since moving my life to Apple I spend more time working and virtually no time working around crashes and searching for compatible bloody drivers.

        • A MacBook Air 13″ fires up quicker than an iPad, is just as easy on the road and you always have a decent keyboard. It also complements my iPhone. An iPad is a device too far.

          • I would press like Jeremy but cannot agree on the device too far thing. 🙂 Would love to try the Mac Air but at the moment with my MacBook and iPad I have enough. Heresy I know but I don’t even want an iPhone any more

  1. Interesting you should post this, ‘cos I’m toying with the idea of an iPad when my macbook dies. (I’ve got hint that it might be even thinking of doing so, you understand, it’s just paranoia). I’ve played with them in-store, obviously, but I’m left wondering about the lack of keyboard. I know you can get a soft keyboard but that doesn’t work for me in that I type very quickly indeed on the physical thing and would hate to get slowed down by the softpad.

    Is there a way around that?