The state of Blokes today ;)

Oh that I could write on the state of blokes (as in men, chaps, males) today – but that might take a while… Rather, this post is to outline where this blog is and where it’s going. Sorry if I dragged you in here under false pretenses.

BlokesontheBlogAnyway. When I took on this site it was with the idea to develop a place for chaps to explore their writing, to share their thoughts, ideas, opinion and generally provide somewhere for anything and everything male-oriented. But then life interrupted so this place has sat here, it’s domain name renewed but just the odd article posted.

Now – well we’ll be inviting some of our original chaps to join in, open the doors to new writers and entice more of you to share what you think is relevant to men and boys today (and tomorrow). There is a place for us, for a blog for and about blokes. So let’s get to it…

As well as the usual eclectic mix, we want to develop the following topics:

Our Bloke in… – tales from around the world (or above, if you’re reading this @astro_TimPeake 😉 ) – wherever you are, share a tale with us.

Make a Difference – the ideal will be to highlight a particular organisation that is working hard to make a difference each month. If you want to tell us about what you’re doing to make a difference, let us know.

However you want to join in, email our editor, Barbara – and we’ll get back to you promptly.