My 10 Top Things For 2015

hannah plaited breadSo, it’s hello to a new year and a new you, or me, or all of us?

I have only made two New Year’s resolutions that I have managed to keep. The first one was about 25 years ago when I decided to give up smoking, the decision was made along with about 5 friends and my then girlfriend (now wife of 23 years). I had only smoked for about 4 years but was already on 30 a day. I was the only one who managed to quit at that time, though I’m glad to say everyone else eventually succeeded.

The second resolution that I have made and kept was last year, when I vowed to play twice as much golf in 2014 as 2013. Andrea (my wife) was livid when she heard this, until I explained that it would mean that I only needed to play 4 times to achieve the task. This was serious stuff, as I used to play about 80 times a year before we had kids. I’m glad to say that I overachieved by about 400%, and I have publicly declared that I am repeating the resolution this year, so that means I need to play 32 times – happy days!

This year, rather than a distinct list of resolutions, I put together, between Christmas and new year, some targets for me to aim at. Some are business orientated and some are personal, when I looked back at the list it was all monetary! I had planned to publish the list here, but I’m not ready to share some stuff that is quite personal.

So, here is my alternative list of My 10 Top Things For 2015 (some are on the original list).

1) Spend more time with my kids

2) Volunteer more often for local organisations

3) Walk 10,000 steps a day on average

4) Play twice as much golf on twice as many courses

5) Sell 10,000 golf gloves

6) Go camping more often

7) Replace the cars

8) Work out how I can help my dad to care for mum

9) Bake bread

10) Generate new revenue streams

I suppose I already know that most of these are achievable, while some are real stretch targets. If I can achieve them all, then 2015 will have been a good year. It won’t be hard to beat 2014 that’s for sure!

What goals have you set for yourself?


  1. Hi David,

    Strangely enough this year I decided NOT to set goals, but rather to immerse myself in the mystery of ‘What Is’.

    I know that seems like a goal, but it’s not really because I claim no responsibility for choosing it, not even the negative responsibility of letting it happen 😉

    Since dropping into ‘What Is’ my enjoyment of life, productivity, communication with others, getting out into the world, and a host of other ‘improvements’ seem to have occurred.

    Had I written these as goals I doubt if I could have achieved so much.

    This doesn’t mean that I don’t make lists, I do, for shopping and very short term planning all of the rest is ‘somewhere up in the cloud’.

    I don’t see why Andrea objects to you playing more golf? It’s a huge part of your persona, keeps you fit, and the course for many is a place to meet people and do business.

    I was shocked to learn that you play so little. I think of you checking the morning mail, dispensing advice, before off to the golf club for a relaxing afternoon.

    Just don’t tell Andrea I said so 😉


  2. Hi Stephen – I agree with your line of thinking. I’ve tried to move away from distinct goals towards a list of things that would be great if they happened, but no time frame or values attached. More attitudinal change than anything else.

    The only measurable in that list is the golf gloves. I should have done this last year, and I know it’s a winner.

    Most people are shocked to discover how little golf I actually play, just think I could be really really good if I played more instead of hovering around a 10 handicap. The last few years I’ve suffered from workload and gout of all things. But I should play more, it’s part of my pysche. If I get the gloves business model right, then everything else will fall in to place.