God save me from Hen Parties

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for fun; I’m all for people enjoying themselves and they can be as sound and excited as they like.

Is The Bride Well?

Image by Eric The Fish (2011) via Flickr

But could they please, please have their (noisy) good time on a different train? I don’t mind what train they get on, just not mine.

My father-in-law has a similar approach to wind turbines. He’s fully and completely clued up on the need for renewable energy and he’s fully supportive of the idea of having wind turbines….

….. just not where he can see them. After all, there are other parts of the country which are just as windy. Windier, in fact. Obviously. it stands to reason that they’re windier? Why? Because they’re Not Near Him.

The lady on the train next to me as I type this has just commented to me that the people a couple of rows of seats in front of us should pass around their bottle of wine. I like that idea, to be honest, and she’s quite serious about it.

But I wonder how she’d react if I applied the same idea to her pile of crisps, biscuit and bottle of orange juice.

Not long ago I attended a meeting in my local church hall about some new houses that were proposed for the neighbourhood. I lost count of the number of people who said there’s a dire need for new houses, so that young people can get started on the property ladder these houses should be built somewhere else.

They may have been right, of course, but I’ll bet my pension that a similar meeting in the church hall at ‘somewhere else’. would say the same thing.

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