Give a spit for Anthony Nolan Charity #MarchOfTheMen

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes. That is scary. And age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity – none of that comes into it – any one of us could be affected at any time. For many of these people a stem cell transplant from a donor on the Anthony Nolan register is their last chance of life.

Anthony-Nolan-March-of-the-Men1Anthony Nolan is a pioneering, life-saving charity that works tirelessly to match incredible blood stem cell or bone marrow donors to those with blood cancer and blood disorders.

The problem is, not enough men are signing up. In fact, males aged 16-30, who are the most sought after matches, occupy just 15% of the donor register.

So this March we’re helping the charity to spread the word and start a movement of men, all capable of saving a life, to sign up to the register.

Men are encouraged to sign up today and be the man at and share with the hashtag #MarchOfTheMen