KLM, the airline that charges couples to sit together

We recently returned from an excellent two week stay with Angelika’s family in Germany. We flew KLM from Bristol to Amsterdam and then by train from Amsterdam to Hengelo with the final leg by car. Before flying out we checked in online and when you do this you can see the seats that have been selected […]

A MacUser goes cycling

I’d “liked” Mac|Life’s Facebook page a while ago, sporadically responding to various posts they put up. They say they are “your favourite source of Apple news, reviews and how-tos”, but actually it’s a sycophantic source of propaganda, with no balanced arguments, no deep dives and it mostly serves up adverts. Their final post before I […]

Car hire companies – how to complain and win!

The web is full of horror stories of holiday car rentals that go wrong. Usually these complaints involve hidden charges at the point of collection and are centred on spurious refuelling policies or unexpected insurance upgrades. But in my case our holiday car rental nightmare started after we dropped the car off back at the […]

How can you save a dead biker?

As a Biker I have always had motorbikes close to my heart. Earlier this year, after a spate of 6 Horrific motorcycle road traffic accidents over 3 weeks, in my local area alone, all resulting in fatalities, I decided to start the British Bikers Relief Foundation or BBRF. There was only one aim, to help […]

Transport and Transformation

In many respects I’m a fan of public transport, and if I can find a green way of doing something, I’ll do my best to accommodate. I’ll take the train rather than the car any day of the week. I’ll walk and cycle rather than take the car where I can. I’d rather walk than […]

Car and Caricature

Time was when a new car really did mean something. When I was growing up my parents had a collection of old bangers; a Fiat 500, a Mini 850, a Ford Cortina (mk2) and a Citroen something or other. None were new and most spent a lot of time being repaired. I recall a number […]

Shifting dead vans

My wife gave me an ultimatum last year and she had that look that said “defy me at your peril”. She said no more dead vans. As a same day courier business we use a lot of vehicles, so when one comes to the end of it’s natural life it only seems proper to keep […]

Fuel prices dictate driving habits…

…or so it would seem. When the cost of fuel is high, people look to conserve the fuel more. Remember when you learned to drive? You learned to drive  in a way that you were fuel efficient. As soon as you passed that test though, that all went out of the window. Haring around corners, […]

Watching on Gleefully

I suppose at the moment that lots of people are looking at Spain and the Spanish economy and living a sense of schadenfreude, joy at the suffering of others. Moodys and Fitch’s ratings for Spain are going down by the week as speculation is allowed to thrive at the expense of people’s lives and as […]