The problem with liking something.

I use twitter quite a bit – partially for fun and partially for work. It’s great for finding semi-random bits and bobs of facts/background research if you have a good set of people you follow.  Obviously I use it a little bit (a very little bit indeed!) for marketing.  The plan is that I build […]

‘Zuckerberg’: A Contemporary Fairytale?

When I wandered into our local video store last week in search of ‘Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale’, for you know who aged 8 years, I found myself instead  asking ‘Have you got Facebook?’ The shopkeeper, who knows our penchant for the queen of fairies and all things pink and shiny was not taken aback. After […]

Just Seven Years Ago

(With apologies to Sarah) Imagine, if you like, taking your dog out for a walk seven years ago. What’s the worst that could happen? You get a little wet? You lose the ball you took for the dog to collect? Dog gets run over? You find body of dead hitch hiker in the bushes while […]

Why I Love Facebook!

There is often a large amount of coverage in the media generally about Facebook, and lets be honest, it is not surprising really – a business in a pretty new arena (social media) which has grown from a college dorm in the United States in controversial circumstances – think out of court settlement with the […]

Scheduling? So What

I have talked before about the lack of TV in my life but I do still listen to the radio, using the brilliant TuneIn Radio app on the iPad or iPhone. This morning I was working on my websites and listening to the most ridiculous non debate about TV scheduling. Downton Abbey or Spooks? It […]

Always On?

Last I heard, my elder daughter was in Kathmadu. I know this because we had a very, very brief conversation via the almost ubiquitous FaceBook. The brevity of the chat wasn’t a result of having nothing to say, or of us being mad at each other – it was purely and simply down to the […]

How I became a golf blogger or How to turn rejection into money

Let’s start with a bit of time travel. About 2 years ago my fledgling digital marketing agency was eagerly chasing every opportunity that moved. As a consequence we found ourselves bidding for three similar projects at the same time, for different companies in different parts of Europe. We lost all three bids. When I followed […]