If I had a mansion…

Now, I not only admit to a general naivety, but sometimes cherish it, and with my simple view on things I cannot help but consider that if I was fortunate enough to have a home worth a couple of million, why on earth would I not be willing to contribute more to the financial recovery of our […]

Stereotypes – perception and reality

Much in the news this week has been the story of the resignation of Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry, following her perhaps ill-judged tweet of a photograph of the Rochester house of a certain Dan Ware.  Mr Ware had a white van parked outside his property, and the upstairs windows were draped with a number […]

An open message to the European Ombudsman

I’m writing to you not just as an individual, but also as a businessman. I’ve heard the arguments by the politicians that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — or TTIP — offers numerous benefits to businesses like mine. As a businessman, I want nothing from a trade deal which bypasses the democratic process to […]

Am I the only one who would pay Hester a bonus?

It’s often said that in Britain we live in a compensation culture, sadly it seems we like the idea of money for nothing, but not for actually doing something. Why is it that we can’t cope with high levels of pay? The furore of the last few days over Andrew Hester’s bonus is what is […]

Stephen Hester: for the good of banking, take your bonus!

So, the great “get the bankers” debate has roared its head again, with the media-hyped uproar around the 2011 bonus of Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive, Stephen Hester. Hester, on top of his apparent £1.2M salary – leaked by the Labour government who approved his salary and bonus package at the time of his […]

Leveson Inquiry: After Desmond It’s Time For Hislop!

If you’re in any way interested in the British press, publishing, or the ethics of journalism this Tuesday promises a treat at the Leveson Inquiry. Ian Hislop, Editor of the Satirical Magazine ‘Private Eye’ is called to give evidence. In pure entertainment value he will have to work hard to upstage one of last week’s […]

High speed rail in the uk

32 billion for high speed rail and 17 years to build it. They are actually taking the mick aren’t they? Let’s compare and contrast. Spain has high speed rail of course. Probably the best high speed rail system in the World actually. It started because of the Expo in Seville in 1992. The government of […]

Just One Square Mile

I knew all politicians were corrupt, I just couldn’t say it out loud. I kept my pronouncements down to only 50% of them or at worst 90% but not all surely. I even naively believed that UK politicians were possibly less corrupt than those I have the privilege of being in close proximity to, despite […]

Merkozy: easier to play politics than deal with the painful centimes

This weeks two-day European summit is the latest in an apparently everlasting series of make or break Eurozone meetings. Plus, it’s another chance for those two unlikely pals – a German Fraulein and a French gigolo, who also happen to be the French President and the German Chancellor – to have a poetic Press Release love-in: […]