I was born in Sheffield. I was brought up in Sheffield. Now from my new adopted home (I’m a Geordie in every other way) Sheffield is ‘south’. It’s not “in The South”, which is a pretty serious term of dis-endearment, but even so, it’s not part of God’s Own Country. But in Sheffield and the […]

Finding your voice from Soft Cell to Marilyn Manson

Following on from a few posts on blogging, Sarah had a chat with new Bloke, Warren Cass about finding your blogging voice:  Finding your voice when writing can be tough, it’s hard to get the tone that is needed to convey the right meaning. We know from experience that sometimes good humour can come across […]

Music Music Everywhere

TThere has been a positive explosion of open mikes and places to play – at least down here in darkest Sussex – as publicans do what they can to drag in the punters.I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the country but down here you can’t move for aged musicians strutting their stuff. They’re all horribly good too.