Bank Transfer Rant

You’re kidding, right? It can’t be hard. Seriously. It’ my money after all and all I wanted to do was move it from my old bank to the Co-op. And it’s easy ‘cos the Co-op said they’d do it automatically… So what could go wrong? My old bank. That’s what. Problem one The transfer failed […]

Am I the only one who would pay Hester a bonus?

It’s often said that in Britain we live in a compensation culture, sadly it seems we like the idea of money for nothing, but not for actually doing something. Why is it that we can’t cope with high levels of pay? The furore of the last few days over Andrew Hester’s bonus is what is […]

Stephen Hester: for the good of banking, take your bonus!

So, the great “get the bankers” debate has roared its head again, with the media-hyped uproar around the 2011 bonus of Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive, Stephen Hester. Hester, on top of his apparent £1.2M salary – leaked by the Labour government who approved his salary and bonus package at the time of his […]

Just One Square Mile

I knew all politicians were corrupt, I just couldn’t say it out loud. I kept my pronouncements down to only 50% of them or at worst 90% but not all surely. I even naively believed that UK politicians were possibly less corrupt than those I have the privilege of being in close proximity to, despite […]

Twenty Twelve – Are You Ready?

It is fast approaching 2012, with an excellent 2011 almost over, I have sat down and started mapping out what needs to be in place for next year. HTML5 & Flash Content Adobe have finally thrown in the towel and will no longer be supporting Flash for mobile browsers, which is about time, but this […]

He is not a rogue trader, he is just doing his job

I don’t know the guy, I don’t know anything about him. I don’t hold a torch for him I just know one thing. Kweke Adeboli is a stooge. He is going to be hung out to dry by the City to protect their very comfortable privileged positions. The new banking regulations, those very soft ones […]

The Riots – We’re Not to Blame

At least that’s the view of Iain Duncan Smith, the Government Work & Pensions Secretary. He claims its due to ‘distorted morality’ across society – and that the middle classes have just ignored the plight of poorer people. The average person has not been aware, it seems, of the large underclass that exists – and […]

Running your business on someone else’s credit

Business is business right? And so many businesses run their businesses based on credit from another business. It’s the way of the world. For the last 4 years businesses have steadily been paying late. 35 days has increased to 60 days. And the NHS have dragged their heels in paying for a specialist delivery for […]

Want to thrive in business? Stop competing.

Business is tough. Customers are getting harder to find, and bank support for business has all but dried up. Every day, there are dire warnings that things could get still worse, as more people lose their jobs, and the economy grinds to a halt. So how come many companies are still doing well? How can […]