Give a spit for Anthony Nolan Charity #MarchOfTheMen

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes. That is scary. And age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity – none of that comes into it – any one of us could be affected at any time. For many of these people a stem cell transplant from a donor on the Anthony Nolan register is their […]

BBC Raw: Men Under Pressure

Liam Kay at BBC Raw shares his “Guys under pressure” video BBC Raw is a YouTube channel that acts as a platform for young film makers to make films about issues that matter to them. We look forward to sharing more with you. You can’t turn on the TV or flick through a magazine these […]

Ransomware and The Tao

Sometime before Christmas some files on my computer became corrupted. At first I thought this was by chance but then, as time passed, and more and more files seemed affected it became clear that a virus had somehow got through and begun to affect the system. It turned out to be a polite form of […]

The man who wore two watches

And when I asked him why, he explained (patiently) that they were the kind that auto-wound when they were moved. Therefore if he stopped wearing one of them, it would gradually wind down and ultimately stop. There’s a bit of me that approves of the belt-and-bracers approach of this (after all, he’s a lot less […]

Photography and Awareness

Last year, (2014), Michael Eldridge, Colin Tracy and I exhibited a series of photographs at the Marmaris Municipal Gallery and Art House. The combination of our work seemed to be well received, and gratifying words were written in the press. Our Exhibition was titled ‘Awareness’. My photographs initially evolved from an earlier expression shared with Michael, […]

E-mail and ‘Brideshead Revisited’ Visited

I made no resolutions this year, nor planned anything, Life has continued, mostly with a relaxed energy and efficiency. One thing I’ve noted is that I’ve started unsubscribing from e-mail marketing lists. Now, not only am I going out more into the world, but also getting far more done. It wasn’t my intention to unsubscribe, it […]

My 10 Top Things For 2015

So, it’s hello to a new year and a new you, or me, or all of us? I have only made two New Year’s resolutions that I have managed to keep. The first one was about 25 years ago when I decided to give up smoking, the decision was made along with about 5 friends […]

A MacUser goes cycling

I’d “liked” Mac|Life’s Facebook page a while ago, sporadically responding to various posts they put up. They say they are “your favourite source of Apple news, reviews and how-tos”, but actually it’s a sycophantic source of propaganda, with no balanced arguments, no deep dives and it mostly serves up adverts. Their final post before I […]