BBC Raw: Men Under Pressure

Liam Kay at BBC Raw shares his “Guys under pressure” video BBC Raw is a YouTube channel that acts as a platform for young film makers to make films about issues that matter to them. We look forward to sharing more with you. You can’t turn on the TV or flick through a magazine these […]

Ransomware and The Tao

Sometime before Christmas some files on my computer became corrupted. At first I thought this was by chance but then, as time passed, and more and more files seemed affected it became clear that a virus had somehow got through and begun to affect the system. It turned out to be a polite form of […]

Hunter S. Thompson and the Universal Life Church

My interest was piqued a few years ago when Phillip of Amos, a biker, introduced me to ‘Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs‘. In the year of its publication a reviewer from ‘The New Yorker‘ wrote of its author: ‘Hunter S. Thompson is a freelance writer from San Francisco, […]

Have we ever had high quality services in telecoms?

If there’s a lasting impact of Steve Jobs, it’s an increased awareness that deep design matters. I say deep design, because so often “design” is dismissed as something superficial – applying to only the veneer of an object, it’s aesthetics, what it looks like. But I think Apple, and Steve Jobs in particular, showed that […]

Speculatio in impedimentum

Once the detritus of another Christmas had been cleared away, I started to read one of my gifts; for inevitably I had been given a copy of Steve Jobs’ biography and I found myself pondering the imponderabilia of innovation that optical fibre broadband presents and I am impelled to pen this piece, imperfect as it […]

It’s the law

Our world is governed by laws, which is reassuring for most of us. Although the law of unintended consequences can make a mockery of well meaning legislation, and although from time to time we’ve all been tripped up by Sod’s law, in general laws are deemed to be a good thing. Science comes up with […]

Microsoft Does NOT Call its Customers – Scam Warning

It was a coincidence of amazing proportions.  Within seconds of sitting down to begin writing this article the phone rang.  As usual, I checked the Caller ID and saw the all-too-irritating *OUT OF AREA* displayed.  Okay, let the fun and games commence. Ninety-nine percent of such calls are from (insert generic English name here) that […]

The Curse of 10.37 and Finally Giving In

Every night it happens and every night it annoys me. Imagine if you were watching Tv and every night at 10.37pm the tv went off and you weren’t sure when you could get back to watching your favorite show. This happens to me. Every night. With the Internet. My annoying adsl line turns itself off […]

Twenty Twelve – Are You Ready?

It is fast approaching 2012, with an excellent 2011 almost over, I have sat down and started mapping out what needs to be in place for next year. HTML5 & Flash Content Adobe have finally thrown in the towel and will no longer be supporting Flash for mobile browsers, which is about time, but this […]