Chanukah in 2010/5771

From sundown tonight, December 1st (25th Kislev in the Jewish calendar) till the 9th, Jews worldwide celebrate the festival of Chanukah. Commonly known as the “Festival of Lights“, Chanukah is celebrated for eight nights by singing blessings over lighting oil candles on a branched Menorah to illuminate their homes and to publicise the great miracles…. There […]

Jersey – political conundrum and tourist’s paradise

A recent long weekend in Jersey was a revelation. Not just because of its obvious assets – beaches, climate, politeness, pace of life, countryside – but because of the historical undercurrents. We visited because my daughter is there as part of her final year in medicine: she is undergoing training in the medical Deanery of […]

S130, Adolf Hitler and me (pt 1)

Kapitanleutnant Gunter Rabe stepped aboard his new craft, his crew stood to attention… everything was prepared. All he had to do was to give the order, mooring warps would be slipped and they’d leave the ship’s birth place; but first he wanted to savour the moment. After all, it’s not every day a young 20 […]

Droning on

The operative sat at his desk in the UAV command centre. Tim had join the company straight after graduating from college ,since then he had married his childhood sweetheart.He had trained on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) performing reconnaissance missions in areas of conflict around the globe. Now Tim was deployed in the section targeting known […]