The man who wore two watches

And when I asked him why, he explained (patiently) that they were the kind that auto-wound when they were moved. Therefore if he stopped wearing one of them, it would gradually wind down and ultimately stop. There’s a bit of me that approves of the belt-and-bracers approach of this (after all, he’s a lot less […]

Get paid to test games – somebody has to!

Super Mario, Sonic the Hedehog, Zelda, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Minecraft. All very different games but they share one thing in common – they were tested to breaking point before they ever reached the mass market. By the time a game is made available to purchase, it has gone through an extensive period of testing that […]

A MacUser goes cycling

I’d “liked” Mac|Life’s Facebook page a while ago, sporadically responding to various posts they put up. They say they are “your favourite source of Apple news, reviews and how-tos”, but actually it’s a sycophantic source of propaganda, with no balanced arguments, no deep dives and it mostly serves up adverts. Their final post before I […]

Two Writers And A Big Mac!

Based of figures obtained from the web site ‘Calorie Count‘ you would need to type for one thousand and fifty hours in order to burn off the calories consumed when you eat a ‘Big Mac‘. That’s a lot of typing. An average professional typist types usually in speeds of 50 to 80 wpm. It is […]

Speculatio in impedimentum

Once the detritus of another Christmas had been cleared away, I started to read one of my gifts; for inevitably I had been given a copy of Steve Jobs’ biography and I found myself pondering the imponderabilia of innovation that optical fibre broadband presents and I am impelled to pen this piece, imperfect as it […]

4G causes loss of remote control

The remote control for my Bang and Olufsen BeoCentre is cool. Very cool. Machined out of smooth matt aluminium, it’s perfectly weighted and shaped to fit snugly in the hand. It’s oval cross section tapers towards the top, the base forms a flat-bottomed sphere that houses the battery. The device therefore can be free-standing and […]

On Being A Mobile Content Creator

I am a prime target for mugging. I carry a lot of stuff around and it is all because I am a mobile content creator. So today I thought I would tell you what I carry about to make me into a mobile content creator and how this is used in my business. Tools iPad […]

Top 5 Ways To Up-cycle Your CDs and DVDs

And now for a guest post from Rhian Farnworth on what to do with the dozens/hundreds/too many to count CDs and even DVDs now that we have accumulated… Do you own a few rather embarrassing CD’S you regret ever buying? You know the ones I’m talking about…Those out-dated, cheesy disks that have remained hidden under […]