How Boxing Day Snuck Up On Us!

A story of accidental traditionalism . . . Just last week I wrote a how this year we decided to play down Christmas, partly because we live in a country where it’s not celebrated by most of our friends, and also because it has become more and more commercialized and this leads to public exploitation. So no Holly, […]

What Aldi can teach us about common courtesy!

Our household has had to trim its cloth over recent years, just like practically everyone else. As a result, we stopped shopping in the local Waitrose and we go a couple more miles down the road to Aldi. The first thing that struck me when we started shopping there was that it felt like failure. […]

Horse Sense: The Art Of Living With An Open Heart

Many people talk about the importance of planning, but when it comes to life changing events I find that the biggest don’t seem to be planned at all. Take for example the chain of events that today finds me learning how to ride a horse. At 64 riding seems a pretty daft thing to do, […]

Take your Dad fishing for free on Father’s Day

Mums and families are being encouraged to give dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day – get him fishing! The Father’s Day special promotion is part of the annual Take a Friend Fishing (TAFF) campaign, organised and run by the Angling Trades Association in association with the Environment Agency and supported by anglers from the […]

Christmas Come Full Circle

It’s a decidedly non-technical post from me today!  In keeping with the season I thought I’d post about my first Grown Up Christmas – but not my first Christmas as a grown up.  Let me explain! For me, Christmas is all about the kids.  My eldest will be fourteen in July so it’s been a […]

Getting it Wrong

Nothing business-like from me today, just an insight into the real me. I Blame The Parents… Anyone that knows me well, rolls their eyes at least once a day, it is a standing joke at how useless I really am, the normal day to day tasks that most people do on auto pilot, I get […]

@VodafoneUK – Customer Care #Fail

To set the scene, my father has just turned 63, he is disabled, suffers with mental issues (this could be down to his son!), is not very internet savvy, and has been a Vodafone customer for 5 years with a business account. Happy Birthday, From Vodafone My dear old dad had a birthday at the end of […]