Get paid to test games – somebody has to!

Super Mario, Sonic the Hedehog, Zelda, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Minecraft. All very different games but they share one thing in common – they were tested to breaking point before they ever reached the mass market. By the time a game is made available to purchase, it has gone through an extensive period of testing that […]

Dance more often than you make love

We’re all encouraged to dance, by luminaries from Rumi and Voltaire, to Nietzsche and Seinfeld. What is it about moving to music that feeds the soul? I have danced all my life from formal ballroom from 60’s twist, 70’s disco, 80’s club, 90’s Lindy Hop revival to the new millennium’s Ceroc. And now my sister has persuaded me to […]

The rise of the super-hero!

Even the most ardent avoider of blockbuster movies cannot have failed to notice the recent proliferation of super-hero flicks.  The Marvel studio alone have recently announced a further ten or eleven films in their franchise, all scheduled with release dates taking us through to 2019 by which point Iron Man, and probably Robert Downey Jr […]

Next Goal Wins released on DVD

An Agile Films and Archer’s Mark Production Directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison “Funny, touching, heroic and utterly marvellous.” Stephen Fry “Possibly the best football film ever” Shortlist “A story of courage, hope and redemption that will restore your faith in the beautiful game” GQ Empire **** Total Film **** Little White Lies ****The […]

Idris Elba Narrates UK’s First Issue Based 3D Documentary “Irons In The Fire”

The broadcast of the UK’s first social issue 2D and 3D documentary “Irons In The Fire” coincides with the launch of Neon Aztec, a boutique production company that specialises in social issue documentaries, comedy entertainment and sponsored content. The film follows five young Londoners from disadvantaged backgrounds who have found a passion that has transformed […]

The Five Manliest Movies Ever

Ben Kahan joins us for a guest post on his top blokey movies: 5. Sin City The Story: Where to begin? Mickey Rourke is killing his way to the truth on a quest to find out who killed a prostitute; Bruce Willis is saving almost-naked Jessica Alba from retribution from when he literally shot the […]

How to kill Sky

I have been listening to a debate this morning on Radio Five while answering mails. Loads of indignation about the BBC losing half of the Formula One to Sky. So it’s Devil’s Advocate time. It’s time to make the BBC a pay channel, turn it off free to air TV and make the licence fee […]

Do celebrities really get ignored when they get older or are we just bored of them?

There has been a lot about ageism in the news recently following the ex-Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly’s successful employment tribunal against the BBC for unfair dismissal on the grounds of ageism. The interesting angle to this is that TV executives are making these type of decisions because they think their programmes will attract more viewers […]

The bit on the side…

One of my (side) jobs is as a lighting designer for dance companies. It’s more fun than any job has a right to be. My wife refers to it more as a paying hobby than a job but that’s not how I, the taxman or my clients see it. Honestly. It’s sweaty, hard and thankless […]