Get paid to test games – somebody has to!

Super Mario, Sonic the Hedehog, Zelda, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Minecraft. All very different games but they share one thing in common – they were tested to breaking point before they ever reached the mass market. By the time a game is made available to purchase, it has gone through an extensive period of testing that […]

Bank Transfer Rant

You’re kidding, right? It can’t be hard. Seriously. It’ my money after all and all I wanted to do was move it from my old bank to the Co-op. And it’s easy ‘cos the Co-op said they’d do it automatically… So what could go wrong? My old bank. That’s what. Problem one The transfer failed […]

Learning to juggle or drive – or make presentations

First thought I have done some fire eating and fire breathing in my past. Not a lot, but enough. And before anyone asks, no, there’s no trick. It’s not cold flame, it’s burning paraffin. And if you don’t believe me, see if you’re prepared to put a £50 note into the flame to find out […]

An open message to the European Ombudsman

I’m writing to you not just as an individual, but also as a businessman. I’ve heard the arguments by the politicians that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — or TTIP — offers numerous benefits to businesses like mine. As a businessman, I want nothing from a trade deal which bypasses the democratic process to […]

Stop employing people who don’t care about your business

6am and my alarm rudely wakes me and today I made that fatal mistake of pressing SNOOZE. It is only an extra 8 minutes, but today, unfortunately that counted. Then the usual routine to get ready before I set off to catch the 7:42am to Cardiff. Usually 40 minutes is ample time to get to […]

In the beginning, we had white golf gloves!

What is it with white golf gloves? Why can I only buy a white glove, or a black one if I want to wear an all weather glove with the same level of comfort and feel as those hand-knitted mittens you wore in the school playground when it threatened to snow? I discovered the answer […]

Gender-based audiences – differences?

I’ve been involved in a couple of very interesting debates recently about the differences between men and women. One is in a closed group on Facebook so I can’t point you towards it, but the other is Suze’s stuff that I respond to here. A very dear (female) friend mentioned to my wife recently that […]

Just One Square Mile

I knew all politicians were corrupt, I just couldn’t say it out loud. I kept my pronouncements down to only 50% of them or at worst 90% but not all surely. I even naively believed that UK politicians were possibly less corrupt than those I have the privilege of being in close proximity to, despite […]