Photography and Awareness

Last year, (2014), Michael Eldridge, Colin Tracy and I exhibited a series of photographs at the Marmaris Municipal Gallery and Art House. The combination of our work seemed to be well received, and gratifying words were written in the press. Our Exhibition was titled ‘Awareness’. My photographs initially evolved from an earlier expression shared with Michael, […]

Getting it Wrong

Nothing business-like from me today, just an insight into the real me. I Blame The Parents… Anyone that knows me well, rolls their eyes at least once a day, it is a standing joke at how useless I really am, the normal day to day tasks that most people do on auto pilot, I get […]

Wine review: Freixenet Elyssia Pinot Noir

Last week I reviewed Freixenet Cordon Oro. It appears Madam had another bottle that she was saving for a rainy day. Hmm. As I liked Freixenet Cordon Oro so much I thought I’d try Freixenet’s Elyssia Pinot Noir (£14.50) even though I am not a lover of Rose wine or Rose Champagne. What it says on […]

Live R&D – New Product Development

People are often unclear about what I actually do but the truth is I spend most of my time trying out new things or researching what other people are doing and turning it into reports, training programmes, videos – or in this case pots of chutney. Traditionally, in the businesses that we have run, I’m […]

Wine Review: Frexienet Cordon Oro Cava

I’m not much of a drinker, it’s not compatible with a driving job. But when Sarah unpacked a bottle of Cordon Oro Cava (approx £9.49) on Friday I was determined to try some. Determined because Madam had hid the bottle muttering something about keeping it safe to review it later. Clearly she did not want to share and […]

Almost as good as a Jake’s Burger

If you live in Essex, or East London then there is a good chance you have had a Jake’s Burger. Jakes was (I say was as I haven’t visited since my youngest was born) near Seven Kings station and he made his own burgers. The burgers were so good that people travelled miles to have […]

Chanukah in 2010/5771

From sundown tonight, December 1st (25th Kislev in the Jewish calendar) till the 9th, Jews worldwide celebrate the festival of Chanukah. Commonly known as the “Festival of Lights“, Chanukah is celebrated for eight nights by singing blessings over lighting oil candles on a branched Menorah to illuminate their homes and to publicise the great miracles…. There […]