The man who wore two watches

And when I asked him why, he explained (patiently) that they were the kind that auto-wound when they were moved. Therefore if he stopped wearing one of them, it would gradually wind down and ultimately stop. There’s a bit of me that approves of the belt-and-bracers approach of this (after all, he’s a lot less […]

My 10 Top Things For 2015

So, it’s hello to a new year and a new you, or me, or all of us? I have only made two New Year’s resolutions that I have managed to keep. The first one was about 25 years ago when I decided to give up smoking, the decision was made along with about 5 friends […]

Very nearly an armful…

I shared this phrase with my children after giving blood last week, my first in over half a lifetime, and the blank looks said it all. Young heathens – I blame the parents… When I first gave blood, everybody knew exactly to what “that’s very nearly an armful” referred, these days, nope – sorry Paul Merton, your […]

Car hire companies – how to complain and win!

The web is full of horror stories of holiday car rentals that go wrong. Usually these complaints involve hidden charges at the point of collection and are centred on spurious refuelling policies or unexpected insurance upgrades. But in my case our holiday car rental nightmare started after we dropped the car off back at the […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – ‘Pink Shed Campaign’

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is fast approaching. October is dedicated to raising awareness and money to this campaign and encourage donations. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer each year – that’s more than 130 a day and one person every 10 […]

A bag of confusion: Wales goes green?

So, in a defiant show of independence and practising its new powers, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has shown its strength by making its first key piece of legislation. Was it a tax? No Was it a piece of human right legislation? No Was it far-reaching environmental foresight? Probably not Plus, the major piece of […]

Why the World Will Never Be The Same Again

Some Thoughts on Our “Capitalist” System There is a basic contradiction at the heart of Capitalism, I saw it as a teenager and I have always wondered why others refuse to see it despite the fact that I have lived within the system and enjoyed its short term benefits. So what are the contradictions? Unlimited […]

Sun, sea, sand, sangria and 50% off sex

There are a multitude of reasons to come and live in or visit Spain but they are usually concerned with the 5 esses for the majority of British people. This summer with the crisis still a fully blown “oh my gawd the World is going to end” thing, it seems that one of the things […]

Recycling Is My Mistress

Hello. My name is Simon and I have an addiction. I’ve known it for a while and it’s something I need to make known to others. Somehow it doesn’t seem right. Odd almost. I’m not overly embarrassed by it but I’ve started to tell a few people about it and the reactions so far have […]

I don’t want a shed

My Dad didn’t have a shed when I was a lad so I never had the experience of using one as a camp from which I could save the world, invade the world, lock up prisoners, rescue prisoners or get up to any other kind of boy-stuff in one. Perhaps that’s why I don’t want […]