Hug time

I’m sitting in a cafe, waiting to meet a (possible) client. Because I’ve not met her before, I’m paying particular attention to what’s going on around me – I don’t want the embarrassment of trying to speak to the wrong person and neither do I not want to speak to my contact when she walks […]

Brickie Watching

There are a couple of brickies building an extension to the house over the back lane from our office. To be honest, they make Laurel and Hardy look organised. In the last five minutes, for example, I’ve seen them meet half way up a ladder – one guy coming up with a hod of bricks […]

Do you have a blog up your sleeve, Simon?

Our esteemed editor here at Blokes on the Blog (a woman, obviously!) put out a call recently. This blog is the response – because it occurred to me that ‘inspiration on demand’ is a handy trick to master, if you can. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that working with The Muses isn’t […]

Venn Tarting for Business Presentations

Making presentations isn’t exactly rocket science. The principles of how to design a good presentation are very simple But simple doesn’t mean easy. Ask anyone on a diet. To lose weight all you have to do is eat less and exercise more, so to speak, but actually doing that in the face of friends-bearing-chocolate is […]

Always On?

Last I heard, my elder daughter was in Kathmadu. I know this because we had a very, very brief conversation via the almost ubiquitous FaceBook. The brevity of the chat wasn’t a result of having nothing to say, or of us being mad at each other – it was purely and simply down to the […]

The Nike approach to presentations

As the Nike adverts say “Just do it”.  Simon says “no”. You can’t just do it – you need to prepare and you need to rehearse (which isn’t the same as just practice!). Nor can you just ‘go out there and be yourself’.  I’ve heard this advice a lot. It’s usually given by well-meaning friends […]

Life Without Wifi

I’m writing this on a train, with no wifi – what’s that about!? NO WIFI? And to make matters worse, this part of the route doesn’t have any signal for my mobile, either, so I’m totally cut off from the world. Any response to this temporary sensory deprivation? To write about it so that I […]

Remember, Remember

I have a nephew and an adopted nephew (you know what I mean; I’m not family but he calls me Uncle) who share a name (confusingly) and (even more confusingly) the same birthday. The inevitable happened this year and I missed one of them out because I forgot the there were two of them – […]

Presentation Skills 4: Congruence for Credibility

The last article in this series (the third, this being the fourth) talked about back-story and credibility. This time I’d like to talk about your own credibility as a presenter. Without it, you’re sunk. Without credibility you’re just a person standing at the front of the room. With it, you’re a story-teller, a presenter, a […]

Presentations 3: building your back-story

I mentioned last time that it was important to make a personal, emotional communication with your audience if you want to make them think and behave differently. I more or less took it for granted that this is what presentations are trying to achieve – as this is what they’re good at. They’re not so […]