The man who wore two watches

And when I asked him why, he explained (patiently) that they were the kind that auto-wound when they were moved. Therefore if he stopped wearing one of them, it would gradually wind down and ultimately stop. There’s a bit of me that approves of the belt-and-bracers approach of this (after all, he’s a lot less […]

Bank Transfer Rant

You’re kidding, right? It can’t be hard. Seriously. It’ my money after all and all I wanted to do was move it from my old bank to the Co-op. And it’s easy ‘cos the Co-op said they’d do it automatically… So what could go wrong? My old bank. That’s what. Problem one The transfer failed […]

Learning to juggle or drive – or make presentations

First thought I have done some fire eating and fire breathing in my past. Not a lot, but enough. And before anyone asks, no, there’s no trick. It’s not cold flame, it’s burning paraffin. And if you don’t believe me, see if you’re prepared to put a £50 note into the flame to find out […]

Thoughts on good-bys and hellos.

Railway stations are odd places. There’s a necessary functionality about ‘em but at the same time there’s something romantic about the fact that people are travelling  I know there’s a lot of business travel, but I’m ignoring that.  I’m talking about the people who meet friends or – at the end of a stay with friends […]

The problem with liking something.

I use twitter quite a bit – partially for fun and partially for work. It’s great for finding semi-random bits and bobs of facts/background research if you have a good set of people you follow.  Obviously I use it a little bit (a very little bit indeed!) for marketing.  The plan is that I build […]

Gender-based audiences – differences?

I’ve been involved in a couple of very interesting debates recently about the differences between men and women. One is in a closed group on Facebook so I can’t point you towards it, but the other is Suze’s stuff that I respond to here. A very dear (female) friend mentioned to my wife recently that […]

Nature, Nurture? No Excuse!

I was chatting to a friend recently, suggesting she didn’t seem to get upset by much (too wise and too mature); she suggested it was part of her West Country Heritage. Interesting point – but by the same token, I’ve heard people with red hair claim that their bad temper wasn’t anything they could control… […]


I was born in Sheffield. I was brought up in Sheffield. Now from my new adopted home (I’m a Geordie in every other way) Sheffield is ‘south’. It’s not “in The South”, which is a pretty serious term of dis-endearment, but even so, it’s not part of God’s Own Country. But in Sheffield and the […]

God save me from Hen Parties

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for fun; I’m all for people enjoying themselves and they can be as sound and excited as they like. But could they please, please have their (noisy) good time on a different train? I don’t mind what train they get on, just not mine. My father-in-law has a […]