A MacUser goes cycling

I’d “liked” Mac|Life’s Facebook page a while ago, sporadically responding to various posts they put up. They say they are “your favourite source of Apple news, reviews and how-tos”, but actually it’s a sycophantic source of propaganda, with no balanced arguments, no deep dives and it mostly serves up adverts. Their final post before I […]

Hemsley & Hemsley and the Art of Eating Well

My brother and his delightful new Portuguese girlfriend’s Chrimbo pressie was a copy of a cook book Hemlsey & Hemsley the Art of Eating Well, which seems to be all the rage at the mo. In of itself, as a book, it is a thing of beauty. High production values, excellent design, lots of superb food […]

Have we ever had high quality services in telecoms?

If there’s a lasting impact of Steve Jobs, it’s an increased awareness that deep design matters. I say deep design, because so often “design” is dismissed as something superficial – applying to only the veneer of an object, it’s aesthetics, what it looks like. But I think Apple, and Steve Jobs in particular, showed that […]

Speculatio in impedimentum

Once the detritus of another Christmas had been cleared away, I started to read one of my gifts; for inevitably I had been given a copy of Steve Jobs’ biography and I found myself pondering the imponderabilia of innovation that optical fibre broadband presents and I am impelled to pen this piece, imperfect as it […]

4G causes loss of remote control

The remote control for my Bang and Olufsen BeoCentre is cool. Very cool. Machined out of smooth matt aluminium, it’s perfectly weighted and shaped to fit snugly in the hand. It’s oval cross section tapers towards the top, the base forms a flat-bottomed sphere that houses the battery. The device therefore can be free-standing and […]

It’s the law

Our world is governed by laws, which is reassuring for most of us. Although the law of unintended consequences can make a mockery of well meaning legislation, and although from time to time we’ve all been tripped up by Sod’s law, in general laws are deemed to be a good thing. Science comes up with […]

Think Tank

The British were the first to deploy tanks in battle during the First World War, at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The famous rhomboidal form factor of these Mk1 tanks was in direct response to the environment of the battlefield and nature of war at the time: trench warfare. Although the French introduced […]

Book Review: Torn by Drew Wagar

The two main protagonists are as different from each other as two people could be… Drew does a good job of describing the backgrounds of these characters and brings them together in an unusual way. In fact while the story in one sense is a fairly standard romance, the topics that collide and forge the […]

Book Review: Get off the Sofa by Dr Andrew Curran

If you want to know how your body works and how to keep it healthy this is a book that will fill you with knowledge. It’s well written with good and as simple as possible explanations of the complex processes within the major organs of the body… But I’m not sure who this book is […]

An old gaffer, the whores of Babylon, and a quiche

My old headmaster was, as they say, a character. Known as “Dogs”, Mr Akers ran a boys’ comprehensive as if it were a grammar school, mortor boards and capes were de rigeur… and to say I didn’t particularly enjoy my time there is a classic case of British understatement. Many are the stories told about […]