Stephen Hester: for the good of banking, take your bonus!

So, the great “get the bankers” debate has roared its head again, with the media-hyped uproar around the 2011 bonus of Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive, Stephen Hester. Hester, on top of his apparent £1.2M salary – leaked by the Labour government who approved his salary and bonus package at the time of his […]

Merkozy: easier to play politics than deal with the painful centimes

This weeks two-day European summit is the latest in an apparently everlasting series of make or break Eurozone meetings. Plus, it’s another chance for those two unlikely pals – a German Fraulein and a French gigolo, who also happen to be the French President and the German Chancellor – to have a poetic Press Release love-in: […]

A bag of confusion: Wales goes green?

So, in a defiant show of independence and practising its new powers, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has shown its strength by making its first key piece of legislation. Was it a tax? No Was it a piece of human right legislation? No Was it far-reaching environmental foresight? Probably not Plus, the major piece of […]

Lonely Hearts and Job Boards

Image via Wikipedia It struck me a few years ago, just after getting into the world of recruitment, that Lonely Hearts columns and Jobs Boards had a lot in common. Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience of both, and I suppose one of the few people who could draw that conclusion. The problem I […]

You need coaching? No, you need more mates

Like many who have lived over the last few years, I have seen the rise and rise of coaching. It is now the answer to time, life, the universe, and those chicken wings on your thighs. It can bring you money, love and health and best of all – because that’s the Law of Attraction […]