So not shaking someone’s hand is a crime, right?

Refusing to take the hand of somebody who you insist has wronged you is reprehensible. Let me start by saying that if I were in Suarez’s position I wouldn’t have shaken Evra’s hand. And if I were Evra exactly the same and it has nothing to do with racism but a lot to do with […]

Is DRS Ruining Cricket? (Or Making it Better)

I am writing this eating lunch and 16 wickets have fallen currently for less than 200 runs on the first day of a test match after the side winning the toss decided to bat i.e. the pitch looks a good one. Now firstly I would like to say that the bowling from both sides has […]

Why You Just Have To Love Athletic Bilbao

Those crazy Basques: They want independence from Spain but want to be in Europe They have sticky out ears except the ones that don’t They are short and squat except the ones that aren’t They have a different blood group except for those who don’t. They have an unintelligible language. (They do so no arguments […]

The Sailor and The Train Driver

When Your Actions Cause an Unequal And Opposite Reaction? We all make mistakes in life, some of us more than others. There are always consequences, sometimes for better and usually for worse. We don’t all captain a cruise ship or support Rangers! Let me elucidate. The first one is easy. You make a little mistake […]

High speed rail in the uk

32 billion for high speed rail and 17 years to build it. They are actually taking the mick aren’t they? Let’s compare and contrast. Spain has high speed rail of course. Probably the best high speed rail system in the World actually. It started because of the Expo in Seville in 1992. The government of […]

On Being A Mobile Content Creator

I am a prime target for mugging. I carry a lot of stuff around and it is all because I am a mobile content creator. So today I thought I would tell you what I carry about to make me into a mobile content creator and how this is used in my business. Tools iPad […]

Luis Suarez, Spanish and Racism

Luis Suarez is a racist apparently. Despite the fact that Patrice Evra said he wasn’t. Despite the fact that the FA statement says he isn’t. Despite the fact that there is no proof of what he is alleged to have said to Patrice Evra. Despite the fact that what he said and actually has admitted […]

Just Seven Years Ago

(With apologies to Sarah) Imagine, if you like, taking your dog out for a walk seven years ago. What’s the worst that could happen? You get a little wet? You lose the ball you took for the dog to collect? Dog gets run over? You find body of dead hitch hiker in the bushes while […]

Just One Square Mile

I knew all politicians were corrupt, I just couldn’t say it out loud. I kept my pronouncements down to only 50% of them or at worst 90% but not all surely. I even naively believed that UK politicians were possibly less corrupt than those I have the privilege of being in close proximity to, despite […]

The Curse of 10.37 and Finally Giving In

Every night it happens and every night it annoys me. Imagine if you were watching Tv and every night at 10.37pm the tv went off and you weren’t sure when you could get back to watching your favorite show. This happens to me. Every night. With the Internet. My annoying adsl line turns itself off […]