We need to coach people to be better people

We need to coach people to be better people So, this week, professional sport reached a new all-time low in my opinion. The England RFU have appointed their new national captain Dylan Hartley. Now, I’m the first to admit, I don’t know the guy, he’s probably very good at his sport, but…there is an underlying […]

My 10 Top Things For 2015

So, it’s hello to a new year and a new you, or me, or all of us? I have only made two New Year’s resolutions that I have managed to keep. The first one was about 25 years ago when I decided to give up smoking, the decision was made along with about 5 friends […]

What Aldi can teach us about common courtesy!

Our household has had to trim its cloth over recent years, just like practically everyone else. As a result, we stopped shopping in the local Waitrose and we go a couple more miles down the road to Aldi. The first thing that struck me when we started shopping there was that it felt like failure. […]

How to win at golf, without even playing

Congratulations. You are a winner! I think it’s safe to say, we all love the idea of winning something for little or no input. We buy tickets for the school raffle, we might have a punt on the office sweepstake for the Grand National or the World Cup. Some of us must be buying Lottery […]

Car hire companies – how to complain and win!

The web is full of horror stories of holiday car rentals that go wrong. Usually these complaints involve hidden charges at the point of collection and are centred on spurious refuelling policies or unexpected insurance upgrades. But in my case our holiday car rental nightmare started after we dropped the car off back at the […]

In the beginning, we had white golf gloves!

What is it with white golf gloves? Why can I only buy a white glove, or a black one if I want to wear an all weather glove with the same level of comfort and feel as those hand-knitted mittens you wore in the school playground when it threatened to snow? I discovered the answer […]

Am I the only one who would pay Hester a bonus?

It’s often said that in Britain we live in a compensation culture, sadly it seems we like the idea of money for nothing, but not for actually doing something. Why is it that we can’t cope with high levels of pay? The furore of the last few days over Andrew Hester’s bonus is what is […]

Things they don’t tell you about growing old

OK, I’m not that old, 47 if you really need to ask, but I can remember a time when that seemed ancient, so bear with me on this one. I’m feeling all grown up for once, as I’m writing this whilst awaiting my first day as a Juror. Have you noticed, you never see young […]

How I became a golf blogger or How to turn rejection into money

Let’s start with a bit of time travel. About 2 years ago my fledgling digital marketing agency was eagerly chasing every opportunity that moved. As a consequence we found ourselves bidding for three similar projects at the same time, for different companies in different parts of Europe. We lost all three bids. When I followed […]