An open message to the European Ombudsman

I’m writing to you not just as an individual, but also as a businessman.

I’ve heard the arguments by the politicians that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — or TTIP — offers numerous benefits to businesses like mine.

As a businessman, I want nothing from a trade deal which bypasses the democratic process to create legal structures that empower businesses to erode the rights of citizens as a means of building and bolstering their empires.

Let’s be clear, the TTIP has nothing to do with businesses like mine, and everything to do with massive corporations acting out of spite, greed, and fear in the face of a world that is moving in a direction and at a pace they’re unable to influence or control.

As you read this, the Uruguayan and Australian governments are fighting against Philip Morris to protect their citizens from its lethal tobacco products, which would be illegal if invented in the modern age.

Vattenfall, a Swedish energy business “is using the investor-state regime to demand billions of dollars in compensation from Germany over its coal-fired electricity plant regulations and its phase-out of nuclear energy” as it transitions to renewable, clean, and safe energy.

Meanwhile, the Chilean government has been fighting against Monsanto and its attempts to force entire nations to use its poisonous products.

Each of these battles against colossal corporate greed makes use of legislative structures which would become enshrined in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and become almost immovable if ratified.

I am confident that I speak on behalf of everyone — in particular those who know nothing about the TTIP, given the silence of its existence that pervades popular media — when I demand an investigative process that is fair, transparent, and open — three things the TTIP is not, has not been, and would continue not to be unless the powers of the European Ombudsman are brought into sharp focus.

Here’s where we make a stand, and we’re right behind you.

Wayne Smallman

Wayne is an author, and the founder and owner of Octane, an ideas-driven agency that changes the way companies do business, usually in the form of novel web applications.


  1. Absolutely. Aside from the trade agreement about which I confess to know little ,Government appears not to care about the individual . They support the large corporations because of the huge revenue the tax paid by individuals generates. An examples is the most famous fast food outlet ,tobacco giants, soft drink and alcohol companies !pharmaceuticals .. All these are making vast profits . The unhealthy products are fed to us and then the pharma industry and NHS are used to counteract the incredibly obese and unhealthy population .
    Don’t walk down oxford street ,walk down Chatham high street any day after 12. when the go fast GTI. Prams the 3 screaming urchins ,the young mother showing all her assets including tattoos screaming at “Ashley “”…… ,the designer terrier dog ,with more intelligence than the owner ,fag dangling from mouth no partner to be seen . Heis is till in bed
    This is the average Brit .. Yes. Benefit land . Storing a health disaster in this generation …. Education. Education education is the only solution and I don’t mean the jeremy Kyle show .. NHs cannot cope already I despair about private health an the American insurance system is coming our way …. Only the wealthy will be able to afford the cost . The poor unemployed and marginalised will suffer as a result while the Old school network in parliament will just keep going ..