A Spitfire, a Hurricane and a Lancaster

Last Sunday, there I am working away on the week’s blog posts for Blokes when I hear what is definitely no ordinary light aircraft tootling over the Downs to the Headcorn airfield below the Greensand Ridge (oh yes, we appreciate and love the view). Dashing outside, expecting something old and venerable, and calling to the kids and himself on the way, overhead flew not just a Lancaster, but also a Spitfire AND a Hurricane! In magnificent formation! We were seriously impressed…

…and then…

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(and this is where my excitement at what happened earned me the right to call myself an honorary bloke, never mind that I’ve been editing this blog for a year or so)

… right in front of our garden, seemingly level with us, that awesome trio banked right around and flew back overhead.

And then…

…over they came again! Those three splendid planes did a figure 8 centred on our house (or pretty darned close). Was it because we were spotted cheering and waving with such vigour and glee? Surely not….

What a sight, one we will remember forever and share with future generations. And now we keep our cameras closer to hand, that’s for sure!



    • It really was special, Kip. My boy (11) pointed out that such would have been commonplace during WW2 and the spirit of those on the ground must have been roused every time, I’m sure.

  1. That’s fantastic!

    Just last weekend we were having a work party up at the Scout Hut where I’m a leader.  On the Saturday we were painting the walls and ceiling when we heard a particularly low-flying aircraft.  We went outside to see a Lancaster flying overhead – it’s one of those “awesome” moments that stay with you, I think.

    And yes, we’ll be keeping our cameras just that little bit closer too!